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In 2015 I had an idea to start a clothing brand, but my idea was quickly shut down by my friend and mentor. That night when I went home, I ended up staying up all night thinking about my idea… and that’s when I decided that I was going to move forward with it anyways. That’s when I called up my friend David (who is now my partner) and the ENTRPRNR clothing brand was born.

12 months later and with a lot of hard work and trial and error, we ended up creating a 6-figure clothing brand from scratch!

Then I took another 6 months, wrote 70 pages of detailed notes and recorded 45 videos and put together what I consider one of the most comprehensive courses in the market today, detailing step-by-step how someone can start a 6-figure clothing brand starting from nothing but an idea.

Creating your first shirt designs and showing you the best editing and creation programs to make your designs pop.

Finding and sourcing the absolute best materials for you to print your newly created designs on, including different brands and types of materials.

How to properly and safely use global manufacturer trading platforms like ALIBABA in order to source products like shirts.

Finding the right printer for your brand, while weeding out all the bad printers and helping you establish a relationship with your new printer.

How to choose between the different website builders and hosting, and how to get up and running with minimal cost.

Ordering your first batch of shirts and running you through the process of allocating your capital correctly and identifying the right amount of inventory.

Creating and growing your social media accounts and deeper coverage of Social Media marketing and advertisement.

Wholesale accounts & distribution and how you too can get high profile brick & mortar locations to sell your clothing and expand your company.

Final notes on lots of miscellaneous questions that have been asked over time (this will be updated as course members ask questions).

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