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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already have a wordpress blog, can I use that site for this?

A. Yes, absolutely! If you already have a site with unique content, you’ll have a great headstart over everyone else.

Q. How do I make money as a passive website publisher?

A. Passive income can be a generated a number of different ways with this strategy and you can use any or all of them on each of your websites. The 6-week coaching program will cover many different ways including, display ads, Adsense, affiliate links and banners, direct buys, list-building, and more!

Q. What’s required to be a successful publisher?

A. There isn’t much you need to make money with this strategy. Here’s everything: a domain name, a hosting account, a free wordpress installation, a wordpress theme (free or paid), a few different free wordpress plugins, and a few free accounts with networks who will monetize your website for you.

Q. How much content does my website need and do I have to write it?

A. This is my favorite part… You don’t have to write a single word! I outsource all of my content creation from sites like iwriter and textbroker. I recommend publishing one new post per day.

Q. How do I get traffic to my website if I’m on a tight budget?

A. I love free passive traffic strategies and I’ll sharing a number of the different ones i use inside the 6-week coaching program. I’ll also share a $50/month promotional trick that will get your website some great long-term traffic. Plus, i’ll be sharing the instant revenue recipe that allows you to use paid traffic to quickly turn a profit from day 1.

Q. I really want your $364/day WordPress theme but i’m too late to be one of the first 30 to enroll. Can I buy it from you?

A. My $364/day wordpress theme is not for sale. Probably never will be. I’ll make a deal with you though… If you enroll in the passive publishing secrets 6-week coaching program before countdown timer on this page hits zero, I’ll hook you up with my $364/day wordpress theme (keep it a secret though, okay?).

Q. How long will it take me to get to $300/day?

A. There’s really no way for me to give you a good answer here. Using the instant revenue recipe and a decent ad budget, I could show you how to get to $300/day by tomorrow. On the other hand, if you want to focus on my free passive traffic strategies… It could take you a few months to hit $300/day. It all depends on how much work you want to put in upfront.

Q. Will there be step-by-step instructions for the website setup and the traffic generation strategies?

A. Yes and yes.

Q. Is there any chance that the ad networks will stop doing business with me because I’m driving paid traffic to my site?

A. Nope. Ad networks don’t care how you get traffic, unless it’s something “black hat” that you’re doing. In fact, they don’t care if you buy traffic and make money showing those visitors their ads.

Q.Will this strategy work with just one site or do I need more?

A. You can easily have just one site. I recommend you only have one… At least until you’re comfortable with the process and can then add another.

Q. How much traffic do I need to get to reach $300/day?

A. The amount of traffic varies tremendously based on your monetization method and the traffic sources. Could be 500,000 page views, could be 1 million page views, could be 10,000 page views. Some ad networks pay quite a bit on a CPC basis, while others pay very tiny amounts per page view. You could also have direct buy agreements with larger brands who will just throw money at you regardless of the number of page views (to a certain extent).

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