[Download] Dreamporting – Design Your Reality by Daniel Raphael (2021)

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About the course:

Align with the universal laws to accelerate your dreams.
In a time of great uncertainty, realize your life by your own design

What You’ll Get Inside DREAMPORTING

  • Receive a breakdown of universal principles that are the blueprint to living in a flow state that the leading tech CEOs pay me to teach them.
  • Learn the science and art of shifting timelines to rapidly manifest your desires.
  • Discover codes to alchemize your deepest blocks and limitations fast and efficiently so you have sufficient energy to transcend into a new level of life.
  • Learn how to activate intuition in order to align your navigation system and bypass needless challenges and roadblocks towards materializing your vision.
  • Experience a brainwave enhancing frequencies to receive clarity and optimize your ability to manifest your desires.
  • Get a behind the scenes view of my daily practices that optimize my flow state, intuition, and ability to manifest rapidly.
  • Find out how raising your vibration can accelerate your dreams and your evolution.
  • And much more!

About Daniel Raphael

Daniel Raphael is an intuitive guide & global meditation teacher who reminds people how to co-create with the universe & has taught countless individuals to manifest the life of their dreams.

He advises high-impact leaders and founders of Fortune 500 companies on how to expand their consciousness, open their hearts, & lead through intuition. From presenting at Necker Island and billionaire masterminds to offering free sessions & transformational events to people in need, Daniel’s mission is to remind all of humanity of the ancient keys to life in a refreshing & playful new way.

Daniel considers himself an eternal student, being born with advanced intuitive abilities which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies for a 13-year healing quest around the planet and is now dedicated to sharing his discoveries with the world.

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