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Learn How to Ethically Compel Your Prospects To Do Business with you!

What if you could… Ethically Compel Your Prospects to do Busines with You!

You’ll Have Full Lifetime Access to:

  • How to systemize your law firms processes to ensure that your future successes are both predictable and scalable
  • Ways to discover your “Perfect Client”
  • Convert more Prospects to Paying Clients
  • How to automate engagement & personalized connections after a consultation so you can exponentially improve your consultation closing ratio
  • Create an endless amount of “Wow” moments for your clients and prospects
  • How to properly track your marketing successes so you can spend more on what works and eliminate what doesn’t work
  • How to engage and build an incredible amount of rapport with clients and prospects in an offline environment
  • Various ways to elevate your status towards becoming a Legal Thought Leader

Here is a mere fraction of what you’ll receive…  Section 1: The Ultimate Foundation…
Together we’re going to roll up our sleeves and start laying the groundwork that will serve as the foundation for the rest of the course.
This inaugural section includes five video lessons that will walk you through topics like…

  • How to mirror what other successful attorneys have created so you can dramatically cut the time it takes to achieve similar results
  • Establish revenue targets that are both realistic & attainable, and will motivate both you and your staff
  • How to systemize your law firm’s processes to ensure that your future successes are both predictable and scalable
  • Various ways that can position you as “The Expert” in your area of practice and geographic region

While this may be the first section of the course, this hard-hitting section will set the pace and open the floodgates for the following lessons to really set your practice on a new course toward success.  Section 2: The Audience Framework… 
In Section 2, we are going to build on our new foundation and use that to start shaping the framework of our new marketing system.
One of the reasons that marketing often “fails” for law firms is that many attorneys grow impatient and just want to “flip-the-switch” and have the leads start flowing in…
To the dismay of many, marketing in the real world doesn’t quite work like that. Effective and efficient campaigns take time to develop, but are well worth the effort.
That’s why this Section is imperative, because we are going to cover:

  • Ways to discover your “Perfect Client”
  • Uncover the messaging needed to properly communicate to your prospects so you can maximize your conversion of Prospect to Paying Client.
  • Strategies to engineer your prospects “journey” so that you are in control and in the driver-seat
  • Creation of your tailored marketing plan that can be used to attract new prospects

Section 3: Elevating the Client Experience…
At this point, you should feel very confident about who your “Perfect Clients” are, how you can attract them, and the various ways that you can have clients yearning to call you their attorney…
But we can’t stop there.
In this Section we are going to take a reprieve from the traditional marketing methods in order to maximize the opportunities that may already exist inside your law firm.
Are you sick of conducting countless consultations with prospects who don’t retain you?
Would you like to be able to highly impact a prospect’s decision to hire you as their counsel?
I’m sure that the answers to both of these questions are a resounding… YES!
That’s why in Section 3, we are going to cover topics such as:

  • Ways to maximize your first impressions so that you immediately stand head-and-shoulders above your competition
  • How to automate engagement & personalized connections after a consultation so you can exponentially improve your consultation closing ratio
  • Establish systematized communications that create an endless amount of “Wow” moments for your clients and prospects

Section 4: Hardcore Marketing Tactics…
This is where things really start to get interesting!
In Section 4, we’re going to be taking off the training-wheels and giving you a gentle push down the street toward your destination of becoming an Ultimate Attorney.
This section is jam-packed with six incredibly tactical lessons that will completely change the way that you view and track your success. These lessons will open your eyes to the world of possibilities that truly exist if you are willing to take action and put in the work.
In this Section you’ll learn:

  • How to track your marketing success, so that you’ll know exactly how much it costs to attain your “Perfect Client!” Then, we’ll show you how you can repeat the process, ad infinitum, without worrying about spending too much
  • Ways to optimize your email marketing so that you don’t come across as sleazy or risk being flagged as spam.
  • The website checklist that includes the key elements that must be on your law firm’s website
  • How to engage and build an incredible amount of rapport with clients and prospects in an offline environment
  • Various ways to elevate your status towards becoming a legal thought leader
  • Three ways to write and publish your first book that will show the world that you are an expert

At this point in time, I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself…

“WOW! That’s a lot of content that can REALLY HELP grow my law practice!”
You’d be right.
In fact, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any course on marketing and client conversion that has bundled such a variety of content that is 100% tailored specifically for you as an attorney.
But, I don’t want to stop there.
I want to make sure that….

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