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How to Crush Facebook Ads in 2018 &

Add 10k/month To Your Business Fast

Even If You’ve Tried before & Failed Horribly

In 2018… People, Especially Business Owners, are Impatient… they want results yesterday… not in 6 months.

Here are just a few targeting options available to you…with Facebook ads

  • Age: Target anyone on Facebook by their age. Hit your exact audience spot on!
  •  Gender: Target by their gender… your client will love this & most likely their audience is of one gender.
  • Interests: Target by their habits & interests such as sports, health, fitness, relationships, traveling, home improvement, architecture, business, banking, investing, design, construction, online, technology, marketing, nursing, real estate, & more!
  •  Location: Target around a 3 mile radius of your client’s storefront, within a local city, or in a specific country for ecomm.
  •  Shopping Behavior: Target people who are big spenders, shop in a niche, who travel often, who buy beauty products, who buy dog toys… whatever matches your target audience.
  •  Language: English, Spanish, Danish, Finish, Portuguese…. have your ads speak to your customers.
  •  Relationship: Target people who are single, married, engaged, divorced…
  •  Education: Target by what universities people attended or even their degree (great way to target dentists, doctors, lawyers…. the list goes on)
  •  Financial: You can even target people who make a specific income. High net work clients or customers anyone?
  •  Work: Show ads to people working at a specific company or only to CEOS, marketing directors, salesman, IT…. the possibilities are endless.
  •  Parents: Want to bring in a household of 4 to a dentist office? Target moms, dads, new parents (for ecomm baby gifts), fit moms, corporate moms, green moms, soccer moms…

Here’s What You Say:

“Dear Client, Do You Want to Reach 50,000 customers matching your exact target demographics with a custom advertisement by Tomorrow? We only need a $40 budget. 

They will respond: “Yes, how do we start?”

And we’re not even through half of the targeting options available to you…. Target BY: 

  • Life Events: Target anyone with an anniversary within 30 days (ecommerce play or coupon offer to a local business), Long Distance relationship, upcoming birthday (the perfect reason to offer a great discount and get leads in the door).
  •  Entertainment Interests Target gamers, concert junkies, movie buffs, music aficionados…. many others.
  • Food and Drink: Target people that like alcoholic beverages, cooking, cuisine, food, restaurants, vegans…
  •  Hobbies and Activities: Imagine hitting people who like home and gardening for local home improvement clients, pets, politics, travel, or vehicles.
  •  Digital Activities : Reach an audience by their cell phone device, operating system used, or my personal favorite, “Facebook page admins” –> these are all potential clients.
  •  Travel: Have an ecomm store? Hit people likely to travel, currently traveling, leasuire travelings, or frequent travelers with some products they could use.

What If I Already Have SEO or PPC clients?

Even Better! Now You Are In a Position to Quickly Upsell Them!

Nothing’s worse then losing an SEO or PPC client & seeing that monthly income disappear. Have you been there before? It’s miserable.

Instead of losing clients to another agency that has more to offer… Simply up-sell your client to setup a remarketing campaign for them.

Now your client is seeing your ads running, is super impressed, and is multiplying their lead flow.  Most importantly you’re income just increased in addition to the client’s happiness. Retargeting ads are huge for SEO campaign retention. 

Never Lose an SEO Client & That Monthly Income Again… Retargeting Ads Amplify Organic Results

Here’s Even more Powerful Targeting Options…

  • People Who Visited Your Website: Quickly setup remarketing ads to anyone who visited your client’s website and dramatically increase conversions and lead flow. Local businesses only need a $5/day remarketing budget.
  •  Custom List of Emails:  Does your client have an email list of past customers or leads? Dust off that list, upload it to Facebook, and run ads to their old customers. This is the easiest re-sell in the world and the perfect way to launch a marketing campaign with a bang!
  • Lookalike Audiences: Learn how to target people that Facebook deems to look exactly like your target customer! Facebook optimizes your targeting for you. Can’t get easier than that.

SEO Rankings Stuck? PPC Traffic getting expensive? 

Use Your Client’s Customer List & Run Ads for a return purchase. It’s effective and inexpensive!

The case in point is that business owners need leads and more customers. When you master Facebook ads, you are in a position as a consultant or agency owner to provide those businesses that consistent lead flow they want.

Best of all you can now provide leads on demand. Using custom audiences, email lists, retargeting ads, and cold outreach ads; you decide when the leads come in.

For example, you can use your customer’s email list of leads and run advertisements only to this audience. Since the audience already knows your customer…. they are very likely to buy.

Even better… use your client’s customer list… and run ads to get re-purchases. This is the easiest thing to do. Now you hold the power to get leads when you want them. You don’t need Google’s permission. 

The Only Thing Worse Than Trying to Sell SEO is Landing an Impatient Client & handling their desperate emails for leads for months while your organic campaign builds….

Ever notice how your worst clients are those clients where results are coming in slowly? This happens to even the world’s best SEOs… you do everything right but the rankings and traffic just aren’t there.

This can be attributed to so many things. Often times it’s Google ranking ranking algo which purposely randomly hits sites to keep SEO’s off balance. Frustrating as shi*t to say the least.

But it gets worse. Even if an SEO campaign is on track…results take time and clients become antsy. So they start emailing and hounding you for reports.

This becomes a major time suck and takes you away from the operations that actually grow your business.

How can you avoid these “bad” clients? Simple. Get results fast!

Ever Had An Annoying SEO Client Email You Daily Or Even Weekly For Progress Reports? 

They won’t when leads and sales are pouring in.

Now, do I still provide SEO services? Yes, absolutely. But, now I’m in a position to double or triple our rate because we can couple FB ads with those other services which magnifies results. Does that make sense?

You can earn more once you position yourself to offer more value in the form of additional services.

Now with that said, mastering Facebook ads requires proper training. You may have tried running a few ads yourself with little to no results. Let me say, it’s not your fault.

Dino, I tried Facebook Ads and they didn’t work… 

I thought you might say that.

The thing is you tried Facebook ads by yourself. You were alone or under the misguidance of some Youtube training that only showed you a piece of the puzzle.

What makes Facebook Ads different than any other marketing platform is that there is a scientific and proven way to get results. 

There are no ranking algorithrms or time delays to slow you down.

You simply need a mentor and a proven system to follow along step by step where you can copy and paste your way to results. 

Since I have been running ads for 4 years now at our agency for a massive number of various clients, I have the experience to show you what works.

So much so that top authors, universities, online marketers, and national retail chains come to me to run their campaigns.

Now I’m not saying this to brag but just to put it in perspective that I have the templates, playbooks, and step by step cheat sheets to make Facebook ads super easy. And I want to give those to you.

Ask Yourself… What Do All 7 and 8 Figure Marketers Have In Common? It’s Not SEO or PPC… It’s Facebook Ads.

STOP. Have you ever paused to consider what the big players are doing?

I’m talking about 7 and 8 figure marketers.

They all do things slightly differently but they all have 1 thing in common. They All run Facebook ads. And as they say, success leaves footprints.

Try naming just one big marketer that doesn’t run Facebook ads….

The ability to predictably and immediately generate leads or sales is what drives a business forward.

Predictability leads to scaleability. When you have more leads then you can handle… you are now in a position to hire help, charge more, and remove yourself from your business.

When you are lacking leads bad things happen… and that is what 7 and 8 figure marketers know.

Have You Ever Taken On A Smaller Client Than You Should Because Leads To Your Agency Were Slow That Month?

It’s also important to consider this…. If your agency is relying on organic leads & referrals… you are in trouble.

It’s only a matter of time before you have a bad month where you lose a client or two and referrals happen to hit a stand still.

When that happens now you’re desperate. When you’re desperate you attract low-paying  + high maintenance small clients.

And the biggest issue is that you sign them!

We all know what happens when you bring onboard a smaller client than you want…. profitability goes down & the client calls you non-stop since they are scratching for results.

Now you’re out of time to actually focus on the bigger picture of growing your business since you’re constantly handling this small client’s demands…

They want updates to their website… they want a new logo… they want to see your link building…  they want you to manage their twitter. (my favorite request)

So what should you do? 

Introducing, Funnel Consultant Society. 

Funnel Consultant Society is our flagship Facebook ads program that walks you through the winning combinations of setting up and managing Facebook ads that convert.

FCS (Funnel Consultant Society) gives you the the templates, landing pages, ad copy, and targeting to begin generating leads on demand!

You don’t need to guess your targeting… You don’t need to be confused inside business manager. You don’t need to spend hours coming up with the perfect ad copy. You won’t have to design new landing pages. None of that.

Instead we provide you the training, ad copy templates, video templates, landing page templates, and support to crush Facebook ads for yourself and for your clients!

In a nutshell, we help you acquire the skillsets that all 7 and 8 figure marketers share. That is Facebook advertising. 

Now if having all the solutions at your fingertips sounds like a match made in heaven; then please read on to see more details about our program.

It is the newest and most updated Ads program to market and the results from our members are flying in!

Get Dino Gomez – Funnel Consultant Society right now!

Imagine Having Not Just the Training… But the Templates, Cheat Sheets, Ad Copy, and Funnels that are Proven to Work with Facebook & Instagram Ads

Have you ever taken a marketing course that has 100’s of videos leaving you to watch 50+ hours of training where they basically say the same thing over and over?

Yeah, that’s not us.

Funnel Consultant Society was designed from start to finish to be direct, captivating, and contain the most essential Facebook ad strategies and tactics. 

We help our members master the core elements of social media ads in order to quickly bring your agency, ecomm store, and clients results.

Anything that isn’t necessary, we leave out. 

Funnel Consultant Society was designed to help you master Facebook ads fast!

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