[Download] David Herrmann & Cody Plofker – TikTok Ads Talk (2022)

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Topics Covered

Why advertisers aren’t succeeding on TikTok ads
Winning with TikTok creative
Hook creation and the TikTok thumbstop ratio
Storyboarding winning TikTok creative
Content creators, how to source them, and how to succeed with them
Ideas for new TikTok creative
How to use data to optimize creative process
Creative testing
Scaling winning TikTok creative
How often to update creative based on spend
TikTok Creative Marketplace
Winning with TikTok ad copy
TikTok ad account structure – setup through optimization
Winning audiences on TikTok ads and who/what to target
TikTok ad landing page optimization and testing
What type of data TikTok ads need to succeed
Measuring TikTok ads success
TikTok sales attribution and how to measure it
Where TikTok lives in the customer journey funnel
Organic TikTok and why it’s important to TikTok ads
Branded content, whitelabeled content, and TikTok influencers
Optimizing TikTok ads using other platforms like Google Analytics, post-purchase surveys, and more
Section 1: TikTok Ads With David Herrmann
TikTok Webinar with David Herrmann
TikTok Webinar Q&A with David Herrmann
Section 2: TikTok Ads with Cody Plofker
TikTok Webinar with Cody Plofker
TikTok Webinar Q&A with Cody Plofker


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