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Here’s A Sliver Of What You’ll Learn:

  • ​Why you don’t need to be an “expert” to start a profitable online education business
  • ​The A-Z blueprint for creating best-selling digital products
  • ​The exact marketing and sales strategies I use to grow and scale my courses (I don’t hold back a single detail!)

Inside Of My NEW Book… Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover For FREE!

Inside of Digital Millionaire Secrets I will be sharing dozens of secrets to help you profit from and SCALE online courses, coaching, consulting, software, and Masterminds…
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Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover inside of your FREE copy of Digital Millionaire Secrets:  SECTION #1: The Offer

  • ​Choosing Your Niche – Ever wonder how to pick a niche that you are not only passionate about… but it’s MASSIVELY profitable? After reading this chapter you’ll never wonder that again. You’ll be able to finally get to work…
  • ​How To Create a CLEAR Offer – The number one thing that stops potential customers in their tracks, it’s not clearly understanding your offer! This chapter will show you how to create an offer that is not only crystal clear, but irresistible!
  • Your Entire Marketing Strategy in ONE Sentence – What if you could fill in the blanks to a single sentence, and that sentence would be your entire marketing blueprint? It would be your guide on what to say in your webinars, ads, emails and every form of marketing or advertising you do! This one Magical sentence can do that, and in this chapter I’ll show you how to use it!
  • ​The Promise – At the core of every great offer is a great promise. What your students will gain once they complete your program. This chapter details exactly how to create a promise that is not only realistic, but makes people buy your offer in droves…
  • The Outline – The hardest part about creating content for your offer is planning it all out. In this chapter I will show you a process that will allow you to easily map out your entire program I single sheet of paper…
  • How to Teach – You are good at what you do, but how good are you at teaching it? Even if you’re not quite sure how to teach, I will show you my fool proof method to translating what’s in your head to content that makes your students scream, “I get it now”!!! (This process works even if you’ve never taught a single soul)

SECTION #2: Testing Your Offer

  • ​Why You Must Always Sell Before You Create – In this chapter I will show you why it is crucial that you Pre-sell your offer before you begin creating it. Once you read this chapter, you’ll realize why this is the only way to ensure your content is good and that your students get results. It also makes sure that people actually want your offer, before you spend weeks creating something no one will buy!
  • How I Made $100K in 30 Days – The Blueprint – My first 30 days in business I sold 100 copies of my program for $987 each. In this chapter I walk you through, day by day, step-by-step, exactly what I did. I spare no detail.
  • The Whiteboard Webinar – What if you could make your first sale without any marketing software Whatsoever? I’ll show you why a whiteboard, marker and an iPhone can not only make you your very first sale, but it’s also the key to creating an offer that can scale, even with high ad spend, for years to come!
  • The Power of Polarity – One of the things that has created and grown such a huge following for my brand, is being polarizing. I don’t just do that randomly, I have a very specific system to leveraging polarity to create sales and viral word-of-mouth. This chapter alone can change your business forever.

SECTION #3: Scaling Your Offer

  • ​How We Scaled to 8 Figures – We were stuck at seven figures for a long time, until we made a key shift. A single shift that changed everything. I’ll explain exactly what that shift was in this chapter, and why you’ll be shocked when you read it.
  • The Fence Method – This chapter is so crazy powerful I’m not sure why I decided to put it in this book instead of selling it for $2000 or more. If you’re not making as many sales from your follow-up process as you’d like, then this chapter could instantly triple your sales, as it did mine.
  • ​The Goldfish Rule – This one simple rule is responsible for why I’m able to spend millions of dollars on advertising profitably. Why my emails get read and clicked, and why people always pay attention when I speak. If you follow this rule, people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Read this chapter twice.
  • How We Tripled Profits with High Ticket Offers – Tripling sales is one thing, but tripling profits? Now that’s ninja. How about tripling profits while getting rid of refunds, chargebacks, piracy and 90% of your support tickets? That’s omega level. A WARNING: Reading this chapter could result in massive amounts of wealth and happiness. Proceed with caution.
  • The Real Secret of Scale – Why all of these tactics and strategies mean nothing if you cannot master this one single principle. Without this principle, almost everything you do in life will fail or remain stagnant. This is truly the biggest secret in the book.

SECTION #4: Developing Mind Control Powers

  • ​The Circle of Focus – Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates all claimed this singular *thing* was the most important reason why they succeeded. This *thing* is also my secret to success. If you want to know what this *thing* is… read this chapter. (But grab a sheet of paper for this one)
  • Slaying the Haters – If you’ve ever felt like an imposter, or you’re afraid people will criticize you once you declare yourself an authority on a subject… Then you must read this chapter. Doing what’s in this chapter saved my life. Rescued me from depression, fear and guilt. If you care about yourself, you’ll read this chapter and read it fast.
  • Why People Don’t Buy Your Stuff – If you’re actively trying to sell a product or service and people aren’t buying it, this chapter will really open your eyes as to why it’s happening. It’s not something you’re saying, not even something you know you’re doing. But once you read this chapter, you’ll discover how to get people to start saying YES.
  • The Matrix and the Martian – I’m not going to tell you what this chapter is about. That’s why I named this funky title. But what I will tell you, is that without reading this chapter, everything I’ve taught you up until this point will be nothing. You won’t be able to use any of it. Once you read this chapter, you’ll understand why.

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