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Attract Higher Paying Clients

Learn to market your products and services in a way that you are able to attract and work with more pay clients.


Lead Effective Content Strategy

Learn the 39 key questions each website must be able to strategy for your customers.


Design Faster With Content-First Wireframing

Learn to create content for each page and page on the site. Create wireframes using actual text to prevent gridlock in content and complete projects quicker.


Repeat Your Process With Step-By-Step Guides, Templates, and Formulas

We will show the techniques to help make creating content more simple by providing simple frameworks that you can follow each time you begin an entirely new project.


Grow A 6 Figure Business By Selling Content Strategy

Learn the sales procedure including call scripts, call scripts, and proposal procedure to sell more valuable websites and get your company past the six-figure mark.




Day 1: Foundations

Writing copy for websites can be difficult if you don’t have a message structure to follow. The day will include worksheets and templates that you can follow, guides that will help you help your customers best and the most important questions that websites must be able to be able to when conducting a strategy for clients session, interviews with customers, and much more. The first day of Foundations will help you prepare to be successful by providing the structure you need to follow which makes content creation simple.



Day 2: Headers

Headers are the most important element of a site’s. They are the very first experience that a visitor gets, and is often the most important reason why a site has an extremely high bounce rate. The day will focus on headlines, headline formulations and buttons, sub-headlines as well as navigation bars and header images. When you’re done with the day, you’ll be able to create headers that draw website users to want to explore more of the site.



Day 3: The Complete Home Page

A fully-functioning homepage is able to present the unique value an organization can provide, as well as what differentiates it from other brands, and even address potential issues that visitors might face. This day we’ll discuss all pages that could be on your site and the importance of each, such as the following: agitating issues and communicating value by establishing connections through shared beliefs as well as writing informative service descriptions and building trust. We’ll also discuss testimonials, calls to action and footers. In the end your homepage will contain a an extensive and valuable message that entices visitors to your site to engage in action.



Day 4: The Complete About Page

About pages are among the most popular pages on a site. But, most businesses do not make the most of the web’s traffic and instead, they fill them with irrelevant details. In this session we’ll help you understand how to present your brand to make visitors perceive the brand as reliable. We’ll also offer tutorials about telling the founder’s story and writing engaging bios of team members. About pages don’t need to be stuffed with useless words, but they can be a powerful tool in guiding a user towards conducting business under the company’s brand.



Day 5: Services, Products, Careers Pages

In this stage of the web, one could be tempted to request the user to supply the usual technical terms to fill the page. We’ll explain the ways in which these pages and sections are the perfect opportunity to tell captivating stories that enrich the whole website. If you do it poorly you’ll miss out on an opportunity. However, if you do it correctly the engagement will increase dramatically.



Day 6: Copywriting Tips, Templates, and Formulas

Everyone enjoys formulas and templates as they allow you to move from point A to point B more quickly. We’ll make your website copywriting easier by giving you our most trusted strategies and tips. If you’re writing any portion on your website you’ll have access to formulas for writing copy that make creating the content for your wireframes simple lemon Squeezy.



Day 7: How to Sell Web Content Strategy

This course will provide you with the skills to earn a six figure income each year. In order to do this, you’ll need understand how to pitch the benefits of messaging strategy and website content development to your customers. Day 7 Sales Modules Day 7 Sales Modules will provide you with the appropriate terminology and questions for sales calls with prospective customers. You’ll earn more cash faster when you sell more attractive websites.



Included in WriteSite:


  • Wireframe Templates
  • ‘Essential Questions’ Worksheet
  • Copywriting Formulas
  • Bonus #1 – Customer Interview Clarity Worksheet
  • Bonus #2 – Sales Call Script for Closing
  • Bonus #3 – The Winning Proposal Template
  • Bonus #4 – Overcome Common Sales Objections

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