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We’re separated by a screen. It’s the same screen that stands between you and potential customers.

It’s all over the place. It’s stunning. It’s jam-packed with limitless possibilities.


However, there are certain disadvantages to it.

While our screens have provided us with a means of communicating with customers all over the world, they have also removed many of the delightful aspects that make us live breathing human beings.

Hearty belly laughs, firm handshakes, warm chats, brilliant smiles, and the intimate personal connections that are required for brands to create long-term relationships with their customers are all lovely elements.

I’ve got some breaking news to share with you. Screens aren’t going away (at least not anytime soon), which is why words matter today more than ever.


I’m a creative copywriter that works with brands like yours to develop words that matter, words that inspire, words that make your customers feel human.


Entrepreneur Magazine, The Hustle, Onnit, and a slew of other awesomely bold firms have commissioned me to write edgy, creative, conversational, and “matterful” phrases for sales emails, landing pages, product descriptions, and website content. Oh, and in case you were curious…


Yes, matterful is a real word that can be used in Scrabble.


Now, if you’ve read this far and are feeling something, it means I know a thing or two about crafting meaningful words. And, if you’re tempted to reach out with just 200-ish words, imagine how your customers would feel after reading what we’ve developed together.


Sales Page: https://coleschafer.gumroad.com/l/freelace-course

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