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About the course:

From books that help business owners scale their businesses, to books that impact in our world for good, we need to help as many people as possible write and publish the books they have inside them…

In this short, 1-hour class designed for aspiring authors and busy business builders, you’ll:

A C T I O N  1 : Choose Your “Winning” Book Idea

One book idea? No ideas? Tons of book ideas? Know you want to write a book, but not sure where to start or what to write?

Peek behind the curtain and learn what we teach our students – and learn which idea you should use to write your first book!

A C T I O N  2 : Map Out Your Book In Real Time

It’s not enough to HAVE a book idea if you don’t know how to write it!

I’ll teach you this SIMPLE strategy to:

  • list all the ideas for all the content of your book – in 15 minutes
  • show you real examples of the process in action
  • AND you’ll begin organizing your map into your book’s sections – all in class!

A C T I O N  3 : Structure Your Chapters

After you have your book idea and have started the process of mapping out your book in class, I’ll show you how to take your ideas and organize them into your book’s sections and chapters.

After you complete this step, you’re ready to start writing your book!


Chandler self-published his first book in 2014 that immediately became an Amazon bestseller.

Since then, he has successfully self-published 5 more Amazon bestsellers.

After his initial success, Chandler created a framework, a repeatable system, that he turned into a business with the launch of Self-Publishing School.

Self-Publishing School is an online personal development curriculum that includes personal and group coaching components.

The goal of Self-Publishing School is to help people achieve their dreams of making a positive impact in the world (while earning passive income through book sales) by sharing their stories through writing and self-publishing books.

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