[Download] Build an NFT Marketplace and Dive Into the World of Web 3.0 (2022)

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Become a Web3.0 Pioneer by Building an Advanced NFT Marketplace App

Create your own blockchain-based marketplace app where users can discover, create, purchase, and sell NFTs

Your ticket to Web3 Blockchain Mastery

NFT Marketplace harnesses the very latest and greatest software technologies to advance students through hands-on, project-driven training.

Leveraging the immense power of Solidity and Next.js, this course combines futuristic elements of Web3.0 blockchain and the popular culture wave of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Guided by highly regarded YouTube creator and educator Adrian Hajdin, NFT Marketplace dives into the world of NFT platforms and provides budding software developers with the opportunity to leave their mark on potential employers and clients alike through the creation of a comprehensive, portfolio-ready, production-ready, top-tier NFT marketplace.

Key Focus Points
When you join NFT Marketplace, you’ll develop the skills, strategies, and techniques that simply aren’t taught in many available theory-based courses. These include

• How to implement blockchain best practices and leverage digital ledger technology to manage NFTs and other digital products
• How to create smart contracts that run based on predetermined conditions
• How to understand Solidity language and position your code for best results
• How to use Next.js framework to enable React-based app functionality
• How to use MetaMask to pair wallets for checking token balances and signing transactions
• How to use the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for the storage and peer-to-peer sharing of large files
• How to use the Polygon blockchain to enable fast and secure transactions for cryptocurrencies
• How to utilize Tailwind CSS to construct tailored designs and optimized user interfaces
• How to develop web apps with advanced website theming to provide light and dark mode access to users viewing on multiple devices
• How to combine practical knowledge and experience to form a comprehensive project-focused portfolio for job applications

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