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Dear Fellow QLA Devotees:
Dan Peña recently emailed me …

Dan is spot on!
The questions to ask yourself are…

  • How committed are you to making your dreams come true?
  • Would you be willing to put your financial life on the line?

A lot of people ask me if this QLA Methodology can actually work.
That question always surprises me because I’ve seen the whole QLA ride.
Hi, I’m Bruce Whipple.
I’m proud to say that for the past 27 years, I’ve been able to call Dan Peña a close personal friend. (A title that I assure you most will never achieve.)
Since 1993, I’ve personally created more than in cumulative wealth. My specialty was helping Fortune 500 companies, acquisitions and the resulting business development aka creating wealth and revenue.
I’ve been to Dan’s castle not once, but FOUR times. (Twice to attend his seminar, and for Dan’s 50th and 70th birthday party.)
I’m one of the few QLA members on Dan Peña’s Wall of Fame.
I’m one of eight hand selected board members of The Guthrie Group (Dan Peña’s private investing and consulting company).
I’m also the only person Dan Peña personally endorses who’s qualified to teach you the principles of QLA.
Dan asked me and I was honored to accept the role of his Master of Ceremonies for his January 18, 2020 one-day seminar in London.
I’ve worked side-by-side with Dan on over 25 deals, using the exact 7 Steps in the QLA Methodology, so I know what it’s like down in the trenches to sit across from bankers, lawyers, and accountants.
I’ve seen many of the successes that have contributed to the trillion dollars of wealth created by QLA since 1993, so I KNOW the Methodology works.
And while I make no guarantees on your success with QLA, I would ask you to listen to two interviews I did with Shawn.
Podcast #23 and Podcast #54, will show you what Shawn did and the success that he had.
After listening to these podcasts, and Shawn’s story, many people said to me, “If Shawn can do it so can I!”
To that I said. “I don’t know if that is true, but I know Shawn did it!”
I then asked an important question:
If you REALLY want to do it… If you REALLY want to achieve the kind of success Shawn has (or greater)… how can I help make that happen? What’s stopping you?
The overwhelming response was, “Take me through the 7-Step QLA Methodology in as detailed a way as you possibly can.”
You let me know that one of the biggest stumbling blocks was when you don’t have the information you need to take the next step.
It causes you to lose momentum, and in at least two cases, lose a deal.
Well, while I certainly can’t give you the desire, I CAN give those of you who possess the desire the information you need!

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