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Brian & Kam – Trading with Auction Market Theory and Volume Profiles Download

Trading with Auction Market Theory and Volume Profiles with my experience with L2ST has been remarkable in the fact that in the first month with L2ST I have learned more about trading than the last 3 years. In my opinion, they are the best educators with regard to market profile and reading order flow. Make no mistake, they are not a trade calling room, they are educators.

The two guys that run the show are Brian and Kam and they make a pretty good team. They take turns running the room which starts around 0830 EST and goes until 1130 EST. The first hour is devoted to premarket analysis of usually the ES or the Russell. Identifying possible levels or turning points, high volume and low volume areas, and market structure all taken in context of the bigger picture. After the market opens, price action is observed and once it reaches a possible turning point then order flow is stalked for evidence that buying or selling exhaustion has occurred.

I’ve studied Market Profile for a long time now and I’ve always felt that something important was missing from the bigger picture. Combining MP with order flow is brilliant. To take it one step further, they also are very big on the importance of the “mental” side of trading which most traders overlook yet it remains far and above the most important piece of the trading puzzle.

To make a long story short, they’re good good guys, the real deal, and I’m very happy I found the room.


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