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How I tripled my revenue in six months and created the Ethical Cold Pitch Framework (welcome to the 6-figure freelancing club!)


Traditional vs. Ethical Cold Pitching: What’s the Difference? (including the real reason why no one likes a traditional pitch)


Take control of your prospect pipeline with ethical cold pitching (aka why ethical cold pitching is 400X more effective)


Before you start writing your cold pitch, you’ll need to make some mental adjustments (so you can beat that inner critic at its own game)


Even if you don’t have a portfolio, a lot of experience, or impressive outcomes, you can start pitching today (spoiler: the list is longer than you think!)


What you can say to initiate a conversation regarding lucrative paid tasks (because hint: leaving the onus on your recipient to figure it out is a fast track to the delete button)


What you should include – and what you should leave out – in every pitch (so you can build a cold pitching system that is fast and effective)


How to write your pitches so that your prospects can’t stop reading – and responding! (and you may start landing wishlist clients on glitzy projects that make you want to dance in your kitchen)




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