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Module One: Setting The Foundation Of Powerful Content & Reality Shifts

To truly create mind-blowing content you need to understand how and why your audience thinks the way they do. You need to understand how they create their version of reality. When you understand this it becomes easy to unravel the part of their reality that causes pain and/or suffering. This is the foundation of what creates mind-blowing content.

Total: 4 Videos

Video 1: Beliefs Vs. Reality – Delivering Ultimate Value

Video 2: The Shifts You Will Have To Make First 

Video 3: Shifting Reality For You AND Your Audience

Video 4: Connecting The Shift To Messaging, Content & Your Offer

Module Two: Impact & Revenue Goals Turned Into Your Messaging North Star

This module is the foundation of where a movement is created. This training shows you how to make your audience a part of your message so they rally behind you striving towards YOUR greater cause. Missing these steps will leave you just creating “content” with no purpose, movement or rally behind it. No one will be vested in your misson if you miss this step.

Total: 3 Videos

Video 1: Crafting Vision, Deeper Purpose & Overall Message

Video 2: Combing Message With Impact & Revenue Goals

Video 3: Checklist For – Is This Video Connected To The Messaging Ecosystem?



Module One: Your High-Level Methodology and Creating Massive Demand

In this module we reveal the secrets to creating a POWERFUL unique solution but also how to create identities within your messaging eco-system. This is where you learn how to STAND OUT in your own space but get your audience to realize where they are, who they are and who they need to be. This is where YOU CREATE DEMAND, without selling

Total: 4 Videos

Video 1: Combining Powerful Messaging with Powerful Content

Video 2: Defining Your Struggling Avatar

Video 3: Defining Your Future Paced Hero

Video 4: Defining Your Unique Solution & Methodology

Module Two: Identifying Your Video Topics

There is a science to pulling out the right video topics and avoiding the ones that could hurt your brand and messaging. After creating thousands of videos in tons of different niches we’ve found the perfect process to identifying the video topics for the fastest results. You will leave this module with an powerful list of topics that all fall within your messaging ecosystem and create demand for your offer.

Total: 7 Videos

Video 1: Uncovering The REAL Powerful Topics

Video 2: Thought Reversal: What Are They REALLY?

Video 3: Thought Reversal: Identifying Topics

Video 4: Northstar “What To Do” Videos

Video 5: Connection Pieces 

Video 6: Ratios and Crafting The Titles

Video 7: Other Types Of Content And Your Story

Module Three: Scripting Your Videos

There’s a reason why people are PULLED into our content, video series, emails and copy. There is a very specific way your videos should be scripted, communicated to appeal to your audiences conscious and subconscious. This is complete with script templates, formats, and frameworks.

Total: 4 Videos

Video 1: Demand Creating What To Do Videos (Demand Creating Frameworks Available)

Video 2: Thought Reversal Scripting Frameworks (Frameworks and Script Templates)

Video 3: Connection Videos (Frameworks and Demand Creating Patterns Available)

Video 4: Testing Styles Of Videos

Module Four: Creating The Videos

Although we believe the message is far more important than the video quality you still need to know the video types that people are consuming online so you can get the BEST of both worlds. After testing thousands of videos we’ve found the best types of content that people are consuming online and show you the styles you can use… even with your phone.

Total: 3 Videos

Video 1: Video Styles

Video 2: Phone Videos 

Video 3: Camera Videos 

Module Five: Amplify Your Scripting – Ethical Influence & Persuasion

This is where you can master the art of language. This is the secret sauce to creating scripts, marketing, messaging that is designed based on how the human mind processes information. WARNING: Once you go through this training you will see these patterns used in all the top books, podcast, speeches, and content online. Once you see this, there is no going back. It will open up a new world for you but a world where you not only can use it but you SEE it all the best content you consume.

Total: 5 Videos

Video 1: Influence & Persuasion Hacks (Binds, Reframes, etc)

Video 2: Language Patterns: Sleights of Mouth Patterns part 1 

Video 3: Language Patterns: Sleights of Mouth Patterns part 2

Video 4: SOM patterns LIVE In Action 

Video 5: Creating Demand & Selling w/o Selling With The “ROA-Method” & “Desire-But” Method 



Module One: Organic Posting Strategy

Our philosophy is that your content should be able to spread and grow on its own without needing boosting or paid traffic and Video 4x content does exactly that. This module is all about how to post and deploy your content organic throughout YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to build organically.

Total: 4 Videos

Video 1: Test. Everything. 

Video 2: Starting Schedule 

Video 3: Micro-Content

Video 4: Advanced Posting
Video 5:  Incorporating Your Message In ALL Content Beyond Video

Video 6: Facebook Posting

Video 7: YouTube Posting

Video 8: Instagram Posting



Module One: Amplify The Video 4x Effect With Paid Traffic

Now that your content is created, scripted, design and posted its time to speed up the process. Although organic is great, it can also be slow. Let’s get you nearly instant views from the people who would LOVE your content and make sure they see ALL your content. This is how we get your for views for a penny then make sure your viewers then see a thought reversal, connection and what to do video one after another regardless of the platform they are on. You will be everywhere to the right person.

Total: 5 Videos

Video 1: Set Up

Video 2: Be Everywhere With FB & Instagram

Video 3: Running Content For Launches

Video 4: Running Content For Evergreen Traffic Strategy 

Video 5: Test. Everything.

and Bonus session

Bonus Module: Workflows To Streamline Your Video Production Process

Bonus Module:Hire Your First Editor & Team For The Video 4x Effect (Overseas Or In House) 

Bonus:  Video 4x Effect For Podcasting

Bonus: Psychology Of The Voice: Speak Powerfully

Bonus: Telling Your Stories To Amply The Video 4x

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