[Download] BowTied SalesGuy – The Chad Salesman Course (2022)

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Learn how to sell anything to anybody. You will also learn why you lose deals. Unlike other sales courses, you will learn a completely unconventional and different approach so you can stand out from the pack and crush your quota.

What’s Inside:

Part 1: Frames – The Art (and Science) of Communication

Learn what Frames are
The most common Frames AND How to Break them
Learn what is Status and How to play the Frame Game
Part 2: Leveraging Psychology for Sales Success

How to manipulate perception
Learn how to paint pictures for prospects
Learn how to get the prospect to sell themselves
Part 3: The Chad Salesman

The 3 traits you MUST master
Learn all the mistakes amateurs make and how to avoid them
Part 4: Winning the Sales Game

Selling through Value vs Status
Frame Battle: You vs the Prospect
What the Ideal B2B Sales Process looks like
How to Nail Discovery
How to Crush your Demos
Learn how to handle Objections with Finesse
How to *actually* prospect
Commanding attention on Follow up
Body language tips
Bonus Downloads

12+ bonus downloads (many of which you have not seen on my Twitter)
Bonuses include:
Cold call scripts
Cold email sequences
9 Status Hacks
Discovery Call checklist
Handling Inbound leads
Frame Cheat Sheet
And more!


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