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We have all had experiences with people that prove that those with the highest IQs are not always the most successful. For example, you may have encountered the technology wizard who’s never been promoted because he isn’t a team player. Or the tenured professor who has no idea why her grown children avoid her. Or the award-winning designer whose temper has caused him lost clients and financial ruin. These are all exceptionally bright individuals with recognized talent in their fields. And yet each has failed to reach his or her own career, personal, or financial goals.

In Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence, you will learn:

– How to identify and monitor your own emotions
– How to choose which emotional responses you might want to change to better meet your personal goals
– A variety of techniques and skills to help you regulate your own emotions
– How to identify and monitor emotions in others
– When and how to best influence emotions in others
– A step-by-step process for building your own interactive Skills Tracker to improve your personal EQ
– Where to find numerous online resources to test, model, and improve your EQ as an ongoing, unlimited learning experience.

With the tools and skills you gather from this exciting, interactive course, you will be able to improve your emotional intelligence now and throughout your life-using your emotions as you want, to help reach your own personal goals.

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