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The ON Formula

What if you could instantly get into a confident, talkative state, where everything you said was attractive? Now you can…

You get these 4 ON Videos and 3 bonuses.

The Activation of ON ($97 Value)

Discover the single most important ingredient to taking you and the woman you’re talking into that elusive state of being “on”. This one ingredient activates that verbal fluidity and creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere for conversation.

The Emotions of ON ($97 Value)

Discover how to use emotions to electrically charge an interaction, and how to lead and control the emotional state of you and everyone you’re talking to. You’ll discover how to feed off the emotions of others and master the art of bringing fun to a conversation.

The Swagger of ON (197 Value)

Discover the essential elements of “swagger.” You’ll know how to feel and appear relaxed and confident in any social situation. You’ll learn how to control and master the way you think, so that you’re always projecting the attitude of being on.

The Twelve ON Frameworks ($397 Value)

In each of these 12 videos you’ll discover one of the 12 frameworks you can use to immediately spark the “on vibe” in a conversation. You’ll discover the framework, step by step instructions for implementing it, examples, and homework assignments to immediately put this new way of communicating to use.

BONUS #1: The Physiology of ON ($97 Value)

Get ten of my favorite ways to immediately wake my brain up and snap into a fun and energetic state. These are a perfect compliment to use with the conversation frameworks you’ll discover in the core program.

BONUS #2: The Creativity of ON ($97 Value)

Let me walk you through exactly how to become a more “creative conversationalist” so that your mind begins to explode with new ideas and new ways to connect the conversation dots.

BONUS #3: Right Brain Mastery ($97 Value)

If you suffer from “Left Brain” syndrome where you’re constantly over analyzing then this video will show you how to finally shut up that voice for good and become a master of communicating in the moment.

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