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Zach Spuckler – 5 Day Challenge Download

What’s really stopping you from having your first $10,000 launch?

Introducing… The Fail-Proof 5-Figure

Challenge Blueprint

For digital course creators & business owners, coaches or consultants ready to quit the bells & whistles circus and launch more, in less time – even if their list is tiny & their budget tight.


You can wipe out your problems & doubts in an instant if you stopped trying to launch like a big fish.

Like 99.9% of the online business owners you DON’T have the tools, team or budget to do a massive launch.

The good news?

You don’t have to pull off a massive launch to make great money!

You don’t need…

Big webinars

A ginormous budget for FB ads

Enough email sequences to keep you tied to your computer for months

That’s not what you’ve been told.

But think about it…

“Gurus” wouldn’t be able to take you for a ride (and take your money!) if they did!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a million bells and whistles to have a successful launch.

There’s a LOW risk, HIGHLY effective system that’s PROVEN to work, so you can launch more in less time.

Can’t wait to spend those FB ad dollars on yummy dinners or finally go on a holiday?

Then keep reading and I’ll tell you HOW!



There’s a fast track to building your list, launching your program and selling without sleaze:

The 5-Day Challenge!

It’s low risk. It’s as easy as ordering your favorite coffee.

This is your chance to bypass thousand-dollar webinar software, the need for a big team and a huge budget.

The four phase system I’m going to share with you, has literally taken people from Failed Launches to 5-Figure Challenges…

Now you’re probably wondering…



Low Cost, High Reward

With as little as $100 ad spend, we’ve seen students generating thousands of dollars in sales! You don’t need deep pockets and fancy tools.

No List Required…

You don’t need a list to launch – you can launch to build your list! We’ve had people adding 400+ people to their list in a couple of weeks WHILE making money with a challenge.

Sales Happen Without Sleaze…

Imagine getting a THANK YOU NOTE from your challengers while you sell them something! It’s happened to me, my students, and my clients – people WANT to connect with you. Challenges make it easy!

It’s Simple…

Know how to write an email? Post in a Facebook group? Then you have everything you need to launch. It’s really that simple.

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