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Here’s a complete list of what you’ll have access to:

Making the Right Preparations for Success
Value: $497
In order to begin to get things going, we laid solid foundations. I teach you how to prepare everything for success such as business Manager account, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Ads Polices as well as other. I also teach how to optimize your Facebook Page, and ensure that your page appears trustworthy and trustworthy to your potential clients on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Strategy
Value: $697
Utilizing the correct Facebook Ads Strategy is crucial. In this section, I will outline several creative and new strategies that consistently produce excellent results for us and our customers. I explain exactly how they function and what strategy is the most for your company and the industry you are operating in.

Facebook Ad Campaigns
Value: $497
Facebook Ad Campaigns are divided into three components. In this article, I will go over the highest of the line (the Campaign Level) in depth. Helping you select the most appropriate Campaign Objectives, make the most of the Campaign Budget Optimization, choose the correct Buying Types for your campaigns, and much more.

Advertising Set-Targeting
Value: $997
Targeting your ideal customer This is among the aspects that make Facebook advertising among the top marketing platforms that has ever been created. This article will cover everything in detail, including how to discover successful targeting options, and how to design amazing custom audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and lots more.

Advertising Set Delivery
Value: $497
Many Facebook advertisers believe that the advertising set is about making sure that their ads are targeted. However, delivery can be equally crucial. In this course, I’ll teach you how to make the most benefit from Facebook’s delivery options, such as choosing the most appropriate placement options and Conversion Windows Optimization for Ad Delivery, and much more.

Facebook ads
Value: $997
Module 6 covers the vital Facebook advertisement. I teach you how to create highly-converting ads in several different styles (including videos). In addition, I walk you through every aspect of an Facebook advertisement to ensure that you can determine exactly what you should use to create headlines and creative copy, etc.

Sales Funnels and Retargeting
Value: $697
In this module, we put the pieces together. We mix the most effective campaigns with laser-focused targeting optimal delivery options and high-converting ads. I will also teach you how to customize your sales funnel to your specific industry and business model. This is an absolute blast!

Analyzing, Optimizing, and Scaling
Value: $697
As an Facebook Ads agency, we devote more time to studying optimization, scaling and optimizing campaigns as opposed to making them. Optimizing campaigns based on information available can double (or more) their efficiency. It is essential to produce impressive results. I’ll describe our process in this course.

iOS 14
Value: $997
iOS 14 has had a huge effect in Facebook advertising. In this bonus module , I explain exactly what you have to do to ensure your Facebook advertising campaigns yield the most effective results possible in the wake of iOS 14. I’ll be adding new information to this module often when the Facebook changes to ads are made and you’ll be current.


Also included:

Access to exclusive access for me on my own Facebook Group!

Value: $3,600 ($300/month)

Anyone is welcome to become a member of any of my Facebook Ads Mastermind Group but as you are a Facebook Ads Insiders customer, you will have access only to me.

With more than 145,000 members and over 1,500+ comments posted each day, I am able to only answer a tiny part of it.

However, on a weekly basis you will find a thread dedicated to each week that the only Facebook advertisers may inquire about their experience, share ads to be reviewed, etc.

If you post your questions on that section, I guarantee I will respond by writing a response or even a video.

My typical rate for consulting is $1,200 per hour. So the benefit of this in the coming months is enormous!



Learning + Experience = Success

“Nothing can guarantee your success on Facebook ads more than one-on-one support from a top industry expert. With this bonus you will benefit from my extensive knowledge, and also to educate yourself thoroughly through the course materials.”


Also included:

Bonus 1
Advanced Strategies 1.
Value: $997
Have you ever heard about the Instagram Profile Method? For specific product or service offerings, it’s extremely efficient. In this strategy-focused bonus module, I’ll show you how to transform your Instagram account into cutting-edge sales tools and then use finely-tuned marketing campaigns for Instagram that generate new leads and clients quickly and efficiently.

Bonus 2
Advanced Strategies 2.
Value: $997
It is true that the Lead Magnet & Webinar strategy included in the fundamental Facebook Ads Insiders modules is extremely effective. However, you can increase the effectiveness of this approach by including the Tiered advertising strategy. In this bonus course, I will show you how I employ Tiered Advertising to enhance our Facebook advertising campaigns more precise and targeted, and ultimately and more successful.

Bonus 3
Strategies 3 Advanced Strategies 3
Value: $997
Do you want your Facebook advertising spending to go as high as it could? This strategy-based bonus module will help you achieve this using my Omnichannel Marketing strategy. This is where I outline the steps you must to follow to be a formidable company within your field. When compiled over time Nothing is more efficient.

Bonus 4
Instagram Ads Insiders
Value: $697
Instagram Ads is something that we did not pay attention to until a few times ago. However, it’s not now. It is now a major component of Facebook Advertising and is critical to the success of. In this course, I will teach you how to integrate and evaluate Instagram as a potential place and then customize your creative and ensure you make the most of this growing and fast-growing platform.

Bonus 5
Lead Magnet Masterclass
Value: $697
A strategy I discuss in great detail inside The Facebook Ads Insiders module employs the lead magnet. Lead magnets can be extremely effective Facebook advertising tools, however you have to be able to think of and design something that is appealing to your market. I’ll show you exactly how to create them in this bonus tutorial.

Affiliate Corner
Value: $497
Do you not have your own services or products to offer? It’s not a problem! In this bonus course, I will show you how to discover amazing affiliate deals to allow you to offer other people’s products and services through Facebook ads (and keep the bulk of the revenue). This method to Facebook Advertising is a lot easier to manage and exactly as profitable.




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