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Direct Marketing Is Dead. Interactive Marketing is Born.

When’s the last time you actually placed an order by flipping through brochures that you got in direct mail? Or by watching late night infomercials and calling on the phone? Or even by a cold call you got on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

20 years ago, you had ONE SHOT at selling. You had to write copy that was PERFECT.

Today, how we buy products – has COMPLETELY CHANGED.

Earlier, the consumer was uninformed and had to make a decision on the spot. Today’s consumers are highly informed – capable of doing tremendous research. And they aren’t looking to buy because of sexy words – but rather, based on VALUE

Hence, the best way for us to build a relationship and value with your audience is by INTERACTING with them. To create ENGAGEMENT. Which is why we’re in the age of interactive marketing.

The new age of Interactive Marketing is all about selling through emails, webinars, VSLs, WSLs, online ads.

Do you see now WHY it’s so important to learn how to write copy that sells?

We are very fortunate to be in this day and age of Interactive Marketing. Because all we have to do is follow a simple formula.

The 5 Step Formula That Can Sell Any Product On The Internet

I’ll be teaching you how to write copy that SELLS, all by following a simple 5 Step Formula.

Anik Singal - Copywriting Academy

Listen, there are 5 steps to copywriting. Each of them serve a purpose in building an entire narrative. Now, no one tells you what the purpose is. NO ONE tells you how to actually administer EACH of the tiny steps. That’s what we’re going to do here.

Look at this article. Go ahead. Scroll up and you’ll notice that this very article follows the same 5 Step Formula.

This 5 Step Formula applies to every single thing I write that has helped me sell over $120 Million online:

  • A short copy I wrote for a friend on a flight to Hawaii made me $150,000
  • I earned $4.6 Million with just 6 pages of text for my Circle of Profit book launch
  • A powerpoint presentation I wrote in 3 hours has made me $17.4 Million and counting

I’ve laid down this very formula and a whole lot more inside Copywriting Academy.

How To Master Copywriting?

Step #1: Join Copywriting Academy

This copywriting certification program walks you through step-by-step how to write copy that sells – both for your own projects AND for your clients. You not only get MY help, but the guidance of my top coaches AND copywriting experts from around the world.

This is the best copywriting course on the planet that teaches you how to sell in this new age of Interactive Marketing.

Copywriting is the #1 skill that’s NEEDED in the industry right now. There’s a serious lack of great copywriters. So even if you don’t have a product to sell right now, being a certified Copywriting Academy student AUTOMATICALLY makes you stand out and IN-DEMAND.

The concepts I share with you in the course are actionable, practical, and example-based that’s better than any college of university curriculum – for the fraction of the price.

Here’s What You Get Today When You Join Copywriting Academy

Become a Founding Member of Copywriting Academy and master the art of selling by simply using… words!

  1. Training & Full System – Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step
  2. Community of Interactive Marketing Specialists
  3. Industry – Recognized Certification
  4. FREE Bonus #1 – My $15 Million Action Pages
  5. FREE Bonus #2 – Email Mastery
  6. FREE Bonus #3 – Webinar Jedi
  7. FREE Bonus #4 – Copywriting Hall of Fame
  8. FREE Bonus #5 – Copy Masters Alliance
  9. FREE Bonus #6 – Exact Model

There Are 3 Elements That You Need In Order To Master Copywriting

#1. Proven System

I will take you through 8 modules that include concepts developed over 15 years along with LIVE examples and case-studies.

I’ll build your foundation and show you how to research and create:

  • Action pages (Optin Pages, Webinar Registration Pages)
  • High-Converting Emails
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Written Sales Letters
  • Webinars

I’ll also go one step further, and bring on the greatest minds in copywriting and grill them. Learn from the legends.

#2. Community

I’m not just talking about 24/7 support. I’m talking MENTORSHIP!

You will have access to the top Lurn coaches. A community of like-minded people who are learning and growing with you. And top copywriting experts from all over the world.

#3. Certification

Get industry-recognized certification as a founding member of Interactive Marketing. This gives you instant credibility.

This is your chance to discover your true strengths, become a worldwide pioneer, and also to help others sell their product

In launching Copywriting Academy, I’m not only going to give you these 3 elements – but I’m going out of my way to make this the best copywriting course on the planet.

And that’s why, I’ve also included…

6 Free New Bonuses Available For Founding Members

When you join Copywriting Academy today, you will also gain immense benefit from these bonuses.

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