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As you probably know, if you buy the course, Andrew Tate will be your guide. Now you probably ask…How does he know all the secret techniques about women? Well…he owned in the past strip-clubs and webcam studios. Not convinced yet? Well, he had 75 women that were working for him. He understands women from the ground-up! He understands how to retain them, how to motivate them, but also how to make them happy.


The Difference…

There is a lot of guys out there that teach you how to get girls. So you might be asking what’s the difference between Andrew Tate and those guys. Well, he not only gets girls like other guys, but he retains women, he makes them loyal to him, in other words, he understands the rules of the game. He knew how to run women before he had money because that’s how he built his businesses. So you don’t need to be rich, or particularly good looking. What you need to be is a person that can attach value to your male attention.


You learn:

  • How to talk with women
  • How to approach them
  • What motivates them
  • What to say
  • How to sleep with them
  • How to find out which woman is a valuable one
  • How to ensure their loyal
  • +A lot more content


  • Stories about women
  • His current girlfriends + pictures
  • When he met them, and how long they have been together
  • Good things and bad things about each one
  • Who sleeps where
  • +A lot more content


I really intended to say that the price is the only cons that this program has, but after I used his program I changed my mind. There are no cons! I guarantee that this course is absolutely worth every penny!

If you think 250£ is too much, well you are wrong! Think about this: how many dates are you are going to screw by not knowing what he knows? You will probably spend more than 250£+ by taking girls to dates, and they will leave and go with someone else in the next few weeks.

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