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I was among the first 50 students to start the Amazon Sharks course back in January 2018. When Andrew first announced the course release date in late 2017, I could barely wait to get going but it was certainly worth it to get the best coaching out there, especially since most other courses are based on the US Amazon platform. If you know anything about Andrew and his blog, he knows what he’s talking about and more.

My Journey So Far
I went through the course at my own pace, following the advice to the letter. In May I made my first sea freight order from China which all went smoothly, and then I finally sent in 60 units to Amazon in late September which then went live on the Amazon UK platform with the advertising campaigns set up on October 5th. As you can see in the screenshot, sales are getting better and better each week. My product actually started on page 12 of the search results and within the first week it went to page 1 for the main keyword search term!
You’ll also notice for a few days there was a blip of no sales. This is from running out of stock, and the course actually warns and teaches you about this issue and how to prevent it, but it still caught me off guard in these early days. I sent an emergency 100 units in to Amazon via courier and then sent in the rest of my stock just this past week with my first pallet delivery and everything is back on track now with sales even better than before I ran out of stock! So things so far are going great and better than I expected.
The Sharks system simply works. Andrew has a way of putting things into words that are so easy to understand, and even if you don’t fully understand something, there’s a button on the course page where you can ask questions and Andrew is quick to reply and guide you.
I have no previous Amazon experience, and it’s not like you need to be super smart to do this. It mostly just requires action, effort and a great coach. Speaking of effort, the course has a lesson on this topic among other personal recipes for success that have clearly worked for Andrew himself and have already had a giant impact on my life too.
I can’t recommend the Sharks course enough.
Thanks Andrew!
Best Wishes,
Callum Bladon

Having access to Andrew’s experience is simply priceless!

I work full time and was looking to start a business on the side that I could build up to replace my salary so I can retire early. Amazon Sharks fit the bill perfectly.

Because the course is delivered in 3 formats I can make the most of my limited time. I watch the videos before and after work, listen to the audios on the bus and read the PDFs on my lunch hour. I am making progress every day, even if I only have 15 minutes to spare.

The course takes you through everything you need to know step-by-step in simple and easy to understand language. If I get stuck or am unsure, I can email Andrew and he gets back to me with an answer the next business day. Brilliant!
All the tools and services you need to use for the business are identified and clearly explained. You even get Andrew’s personal recommendations and some special discounts. Having access to his Amazon experience and knowledge is simply priceless.
The thing I really like about Andrew is that he doesn’t over-hype or BS. Everything he said the course would deliver has been delivered. He helps you keep your expectations realistic around how much effort you need to put in to succeed and how much money you can reasonable hope to make.
I’m well on my way to launching my first product on Amazon UK. And with Andrew’s help, I’m confident I can make my Amazon business the success I’ve been looking for.
Thank you,
Charles C.

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Sales Page: https://www.amazonsharks.com/vsl

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