[Download] Amazon FBA Branding – Boost Your Sales With Unique Branding (2022)

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About the course: 

Learn how to boost your sales by creating a top brand on Amazon!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What brands are
  • What makes a strong brand
  • Understand how branding on Amazon works
  • How to start creating your very own brand for Amazon


  • Basic knowledge of Amazon and Seller Central


Are you frustrated about making low sales on Amazon?

Are you annoyed at having to compete with sellers who offer generic and uninspiring products,but at such a low price that they still sell better than yours?

If yes – then this course is for you!

As competition only gets tougher and tougher on Amazon, it becomes increasingly important to differentiate your products from your competitors – especially if they are offering generic, tasteless branded products with their only advantage being the low price and heaps of dubious reviews.

Through proper branding, you can get your products to stand out from the crowd and communicate unique value to your customers, driving organic sales at good margins while your competitors suffocate in deadly price wars and unsustainable ad spend.


After taking this course, you will:

• Know what branding is

• Know why proper branding can make a huge difference in your Amazon sales

• Know how to create a successful brand from scratch

This knowledge will be applicable for your whole life – no matter where you sell, you will know how to create a powerful brand that keeps your customers interested!

WARNING: This course is not a lazy “click here do this” guide – it is an hour packed with knowledge from high-level brand creators, condensed to be understandable and useful for anyone who has no idea about branding.

This makes this course perfect for you if you’ve never created a brand or studied branding and need to know the big lines before creating your own!

It will provide you will the necessary information for you to start designing or optimizing your own brand and maximize your success on Amazon.

All of this carefully condensed into only 1 hour – no waffling, no unnecessary talking!

Sounds good?

Then let’s go!


So who am I and why should you trust me?

• 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing

• Masters with Honours in Business Management

• 5 years of experience as an Amazon E-Commerce Manager

I also got professional Business & Sales Strategy coaching, took part in high-level sales competitions and worked in multiple sales positions, including as a Development Executive for Samsung before moving into E-Commerce.

I take care of everything from SEO to picture design, KPI tracking, reporting, pricing & discounts, software management, and of course, competition analysis.

Whatever you can think of that’s relevant when it comes to making more sales on Amazon – I’ve done it.

I create these courses in my spare time because I want to see sellers like you succeed and find joy and happiness in building themselves a good life through selling online.

Creating these courses is very time-intensive – I could be spending that time on other hobbies, but I prefer to share my knowledge instead ?

So I hope you find it useful, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly!

Let’s keep selling!



Who this course is for:

  • Amazon sellers with unbranded products
  • Amazon sellers looking to increase their sales

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