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This course will provide you with everything you need to know about investing in real property “Subject-To.” Learn how to purchase and sell properties subject to the existing mortgage. The best part about this method of buying real property is that you don’t require cash, credit, and proof of your income. there is no need to complete a loan form or run a credit test. You’re in control as you purchase the property with no taking any risk and without. This is the exact same process that sophisticated investors use to buy and hold property. Subject To is a system that works in every state. This information is aimed at Realtors who are looking to join the investing aspect of their business. It’s for those who have never purchased real estate before or experienced investors looking to increase their knowledge. Anyone can utilize this information to buy a house for their own use to live in. Here’s what you’ll discover: How to purchase “subject to” step-by-step! How to buy houses with no credit and without evidence of income! How to get sellers ask you to purchase their property! How to generate immediate cash flow , without hassles for the landlord with lease options! How to become a bank that can provide financing to your customers! How to deal with”due on sale” clauses “due to sell” clause and make banks love you . effectively close deals using title and Escrow. How to utilize this method that is not widely used and helps you avoid “Due On Sale” problems! How to boost your profits by incorporating other strategies such as “wraps” or leasing options as exit strategies. How to finance your property without money or credit by putting it the owner. There’s more! You should take this course if need to learn more about investing in real property. Additionally, consider this course if want a residual income as well as financial freedom.
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