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How would you feel if…
You were able to massively increase the exposure of your business or brand in just a few hours per week?
You were able to attract a targeted audience that loves your content, visits your website, and signs up for your email list?
You were able to double or even triple the amount of paying customers you have now?
You saw this immediately after uploading a photo to Instagram:
Well, let me be the first to tell you that YOU CAN.
You can achieve all of these things by simply growing your audience on Instagram.
Take it from me..
In just a few hours a week I was able to grow my Instagram account from 0 to 350,000 followers.
AHEM, let me rephrase that..
I grew my Instagram account to over a QUARTER MILLION FOLLOWERS
in less than 12 months! Crazy right?
Not only did I grow a massive community of targeted and engaged followers, I also expanded my email list to over 8,500 subscribers and secured a monthly income of at least $5,000 per month (sometimes surpassing $10k!)
On top of that, my life has changed drastically for the better..
Quit my 9-5 job and spend more time with my family and friends
Travel to amazing places like Nepal, Bali, and South Africa while still generating income
Participate in interviews that were published in Business Insider, Time, and Cosmopolitan Magazine
Receive free product from major brands, attend their high-end events and,
Literally live the life I have always dreamt of
INFAMOUS TO INFLUENTIAL is an Instagram course that teaches you step by step how to:
Determine and define your target audience (this is massively important to your success)
Utilize Instagram’s built in features to actively attract your target audience to your feed
Rapidly increase your follower count (with real and engaged users)
Sky-rocket the amount of likes and comments you receive on a daily basis
Massively increase the amount of clicks you receive on the link in your bio
Encourage a local audience to visit your physical store front, and
Effortlessly cultivate a community of loyal fans who are ready and willing to purchase your products and services!
So what’s my method? 6 simple steps:
Determine Your Demographic and
Uncover Your Hidden Fan Base
This module includes:
Four Page Determine Your Demo Workbook
Make It or Break it – the no nonsense guide to understanding the importance of knowing your demographic
Quiz Essentials – thought provoking questions that provide demographic clarity
Uncovering the difference between psychographics and demographics and why you need both for success
Locate Your Ideal Followers on Instagram and
Track Them Like a Hawk
This module includes:
Step-by-Step Training Video
Locate Your Ideal Followers Workbook
MP3 Audio File & Cheat Sheet PDF
The Hit-List Strategy – 3 part research method that sets up your Instagram account for expontential growth
How to use Instagram’s built in features to spy on your competition and uncover more targeted followers
My quick and easy system to attract targeted followers using a highly underrated internal feature
Actively Gain More Followers on Instagram and Watch Your Influence Soar
This module includes:
Step-by-Step Training Video
Actively Increase Your Followers Workbook
MP3 Audio File & Cheat Sheet PDF
5 Steps to Influence – a guided walk-through to more visibility and followers
The ‘3 & 1’ and ‘2 & 1’ formulas for building legitimate trust and relationships with your audience
Rapid fire techniques to increase productivity and fast-track your results
Myth busting lesson on the widely talked about “follow-back” method
Gain Followers While You’re Asleep and
Confidently Hit The Snooze Button
This module includes:
Step-by-Step Training Video
Gain Followers Passively Workbook
MP3 Audio File & Cheat Sheet PDF
The Authority Trifecta – 3 proven methods that will generate new followers, even while you’re sleeping
Uncovering the hashtag ‘sweet spot’ that will give your account the most possible exposure
The Silent Killer – discover the most important element your account might be missing
The most overlooked concept that will provide you a steady stream of followers and sustained engagement
Rinse, Repeat and Maintain – The Fresh Lead Cycle
This module includes:
Step-by-Step Training Video
MP3 Audio File & Cheat Sheet PDF
Two powerful hacks that will increase productivity and save you time
Account Maintenance – clean up your account and increase your precieved credibility
How to maximize your results without being penalized by Instagram
How to attract fresh leads, new customers and experience long-term account growth
Monetize Your Following and
Ditch Your Day Job
This module includes:
The Monetize Your Following Official Guide
Influencer Marketing Step-by-Step Guides
(for business owners and influencers)
2 Influencer Campaign Training Videos
4 Excel Spreadsheets for tracking your progress
5 Monetization methods for any Instagram account
The importance of building a list off of Instagram and how you can do it quickly, easily, and for free
How to make your 1st, 5th, and 15th sale by building your ‘like, know & trust’ factor that converts followers to customers
But wait, there’s more!
If you sign up today you will receive these amazing bonuses:
#Bonus 1
Private Facebook Support Group
Exclusive access for PAID members only
One-on-one support and advice from Alex Tooby
Around-the-clock tech support
Interact with the Infamous to Influential cohort
A safe place to celebrate your account growth & wins
Confidently ask questions about the program and Instagram
Build relationships with like-minded individuals
#Bonus 2
Mockup Social A Graphic Design Course
by Sarah Guilliot
Have a product but can’t seem to get it to look great in photos? Creating your own ‘mockup’ images could be your solution! In this course you’ll learn:
The importance of showcasing your products and services in a beautiful and relatable way
How to find free, high quality images to use on your IG feed
How to effortlessly mock up your designs onto any image (perfect for etsy stores!)
How to size and export your images specifically for IG so they always look crisp and clean
#Bonus 3
Visually Savvy A Canva Course
by Andrea Jones
Struggling to find content for your Instagram account? Make your own using the free software, Canva. In this course Andrea teaches you:
Canva Account Basics: how to set up your account, navigate the platform and start your first design
How to create a template specifically designed for your brand
Tips and tricks for creating visually captivating graphics that effortlessly attract your target market
How to add more depth and dimension to all of your social media images in just a few clicks
#Bonus 4
Social Media Sales Secret
by Taylor Manning
Posting to Instagram consistently but not seeing any sales? Your caption could be the culprit. Learn how to write copy that sells in this training. Inside you’ll learn:
Why your current social media posts don’t lead to quality engagement
How to use stories to emotionally connect with your audience
The structure of an effective and engaging Instagram caption
Taylor’s top tips for selling in your caption without being spammy
How to encourage your audience to follow through with your call to action
#Bonus 5
iPhone Photography for Your Brand
by Stephanie Manuel
Jealous of brands with gorgeous photography? New flash: you don’t need fancy equipment or cameras, you just need your mobile phone! Inside this training you’ll learn:
How to select an Instagram theme your audience will love and you can maintain long term
How to set up and shoot your very first on-brand photo
How to select and place props to give energy and interest to your photos
The importance of good lighting and how to make it perfect for your photoshoot
How to compose and tell the visual story behind every photo you take
#Bonus 6
Snapchat Ninja School
by Katya Varbanova
Interested in Snapchat? Already have an account but not entirely sure how to use it for your business? Snapchat Ninja School is the answer! Inside you will learn:
Snapchat Basics: setting up your account, profile & snapcode. Sending your first snap & story. Adding & removing friends, and typical Snapchat etiquette
4 Snapchat Myths you need to stop believing
What makes Snapchat such a powerful marketing tool
Why Snapchat is the right platform for your business & 5 ways to effectively use it
Simple steps to quickly and easily growing your audience

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