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Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton – Parallel Profits Download

From Aidan Booth, on behalf of Steve Clayton…

What you’ll discover in the next few minutes is unique, extremely unconventional and is entirely different to anything we, or anyone else, has ever done before.

We have taken a business model that has HUGE demand, LOW competition, (and something that we have had consistent success with for many years) and have added…

A Truly Unprecedented “Twist”

A twist that turns it into the EASIEST and FASTEST way to build a full time living that exists today.

I know, it’s a sizable claim – but I make the claim for two simple reasons….

Firstly, we are the ones who are going to be doing the work for you (meaning you won’t need any experience to get up and running).

And secondly, if you follow our instructions to the point, you’ll only need…

7 SALES To Build a Business That Makes $100,000 in PROFIT Every Single Year.

That’s right – not fifty sales…not a hundred – or even a thousand…


Not only that, after you have made your first seven sales, it’ll be really easy to scale up and make even more.


Because scaling up won’t rely on you doing the work — again, it relies on us and our team of experts.

You see, what we’re not talking about here is selling $20 products and making 5 or 10 bucks net profit for each sale…

This Is About Making Individual Sales Of Thousands Of Dollars At Any One Time…

…lump sums that not only will help increase your personal bank balance… but will help boost your other businesses (if you have them).

Actually, “thousands” of dollars could be considered conservative. The types of sales we’re talking about here can run into TENS of thousands of dollars – in fact, we have had $25,000+ days before.

Just imagine getting sales like that.

What Exactly Is The Business Model We Are Talking About Here?

It may seem quite simplistic at first… but as you’ll discover, the opportunity is VAST – so make sure you read the following VERY carefully…

Essentially, what we’re talking about here is providing really simple online services to small, local businesses…

Literally ANY small business – such as stores you’d find in your local mall or main street… or businesses that provide services such as dentists, doctors, car dealerships, plumbers and so on…

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