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hese videos were made by the author himself based an his famous book titled ‘The Art and Science of Trading’
Part 1:
Chapter 1: Module 1-Chartreading 101
Chapter 2: Module 2-Chartreading, Going Deeper
Chapter 3: Module 3-Market Structure & Price Action
Chapter 4: Module 4-The Pullback
Chapter 5: Module 5-The Anti
Chapter 6: Module 6-The Failure Test
Chapter 7: Module 7-Breakouts
Chapter 8: Module 8-Pattern Failures
Chapter 9: Module 9: Practical Trading Psychology

Part 2
Chapter 10: Academic Theories of Market Behavior
Chapter 11: Tools for Quantitative Analysis of Market Data
Chapter 12: Universe & Methodology
Chapter 13: Fibonacci Retracements
Chapter 14: Moving Averages
Chapter 15: The Opening Range Phenomenon
Chapter 16: Quantitative Evidence of the Two Forces
Adam’s Bio
Adam Grimes has well over two decades of experience in the industry as a trader, analyst and system developer. Growing up in an agricultural community in America’s Midwest, Adam’s first trading experiences were in agricultural commodities and futures. He then moved to currency futures, trading during the Asian Financial Crisis, and then on to stock index futures, options, and individual stocks. His trading experience covers all major asset classes-futures, currencies, stocks, options, and other derivatives, and the full range of timeframes from very short term scalping to constructing portfolios for multi-year holding periods.
Adam holds an MBA from The Ohio State University. He currently is President of Talon Advisors, LLC, where he writes daily market commentary and institutional advisory. He also shares daily market analysis and educational content at MarketLife, LLC

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