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Take Shogun Method One Step Further–Use It To Project POWER, Gain INFLUENCE & Command SLAVISH OBEDIENCE From Men And Women.


WARNING: This program is not for everyone. Only buy SMX if you fit ALL FIVE criteria below:

  • You own Shogun Method. (SMX works on top of the core Shogun Method material. It’s not for those without access to Shogun Method.)
  • You have an open mind with new, taboo knowledge. (SMX dives deep into the dark side of human psychology. Don’t read it if you are easily offended about the true nature of humans.)
  • You know how to handle dangerous information. (Careless use of the SMX may cause tremendous hurt, even on yourself.)
  • You intend to use this knowledge for good, not bad. (SMX, though morally neutral, can be abused for evil.)

And the most important criteria–

  • You have no objections to using mind control and extreme persuasion on other people.


Shogun Method X comprises ten modules inside a PDF ebook. It is currently available online only. You will be able to access the program instantly upon successful checkout.


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The universal nature of Fractionation. Why what works in Fractionation seduction also works in Fractionation persuasion
  • The law of Fractality. How Fractionation works on multiple levels of interaction with your mark
  • How to Fractionate your mark to gain his obedience, compliance and unquestioning loyalty
  • Examples of Shogun Method tactics that stem from the fractal nature of Fractionation–ENTICE/REPEL, the Black Rose Sequence, One Sentence Fractionation
  • The art of exploiting your mark by intriguing and confusing him at the same time
  • Why unpredictability is the key to enormous social power and mass control


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why conflict is persuasion. A woman bonds with a man through emotional tension, but a man bonds with another man through conflict
  • How to wage conflict on your mark to persuade him (100% counter-intuitive)
  • Male Bonding Theory. How our brains are hard-wired through Darwinian evolution to bond with other men over danger and hardship
  • The biggest anti-persuasion mistake that almost everyone makes (including you)
  • The subtle art of switching animosity into comradeship. Why enemies make the best allies–learn to secure the allegiance of your rivals
  • Ultimate Power. Acquire the highest form of power–harness an opposing force into an asset


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The two classes of society–the indoctrinator and the indoctrinated. Which are you?
  • The Red Pill. How to see the world for what it is–a fabrication to secure your obedience and subservience to its rulers
  • The Apparatus of Mass Control. Or, why psychological control is more effective than physical coercion
  • Focus Capture. How to control the masses by capturing their attraction and distracting their minds
  • Tension Addiction. Why everyone has an addiction to tension, and how to exploit this flaw in the human mind
  • The strange case where pain appeals more than pleasure. Why what is repulsive often develops into something attractive (controversial!)


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • You (yes, you) are in a hypnotic trance. Learn how to snap out of it in one step
  • The biggest resistor of persuasion and how to overpower it in two steps
  • Intrigue Pings vs Pattern Interrupts. Comparison between Shogun Method’s Intrigue Pings and Shogun Method X’s Pattern Interrupts
  • Window of Persuasion. How to use Pattern Interrupts to short-circuit your mark’s mind, creating a brief but valuable window for persuasion
  • Pattern Breaker. How to break your mark’s thought pattern and covertly insert new instructions into his subconscious mind
  • The art of selling with Pattern Interrupts. 10X more effective than standard sales pitches
  • Example word-for-word verbatim on how to use Pattern Interrupts in everyday situations


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The Law of Linearity. Or, why humans think in a straight line. (This is why the IRAE Model works so well)
  • The Law of Consistency. Or, why the easiest hack to gain someone’s trust is to appear predictable
  • The Ladder of Agreement. Why getting a man to say yes once will make it easier to get him to say yes later
  • How to construct the most effective Yes Ladder structure, ever. The trick is to make the Ladder easy to climb …learn how
  • Simple Ask + Big Ask combo. The two most important elements that make or break a Yes Ladder
  • Example interaction showing how a series of Simple Asks ladder up to the Big Ask in the end


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • The Similarity Effect. How to trigger subconscious likability by matching the mark physically and psychologically
  • The Pace/Lead Framework. The classic two-step persuasion method–first, by finding the Common Ground with the mark, and then leading him to your desired result
  • Physical Mirroring. Pace your mark physically without getting caught (obey these two rules)
  • Verbal Mirroring. A simple three-part conversational structure that builds lightning quick rapport
  • Pace/Lead + Yes Ladder Combo. An example of how to combine the Pace/Lead technique with the Yes Ladder for a double-punch effect
  • Situational examples of how to use Pace/Lead to get what you want in different social settings. Sales pitches, job interviews, even hostile situations


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Imaginary Boundaries. How to guide your mark towards the choice you want him to make–without him knowing it
  • Option C. The option hidden from the mark in a controlled persuasion environment
  • Paradox of Choice. Why we think we like choices, but the brain dislikes having to choose (Cognitive Loading)
  • Paradox of Freedom. Why we think we want to be free, but we want to be told what to do so we don’t have to think
  • Double Bind + Social Proof Combo. How to combine social proof techniques (like the classic Shogun Method Shared Secrets trick) with the Double Bind for maximum impact
  • Two Weaknesses of Double Binds. Know the weaknesses so you can patch them with other Shogun Method X techniques
  • A situational example illustrating the Double Bind in action


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Conjugated Question Tags. How a strange feature of the English language births a powerful (but little known) persuasion trick
  • Statement vs Question. How to sound ambiguous enough that your mark will hear what he wants to hear (sneaky!)
  • Three Outcomes. How to design the three outcomes that will all be favorable to you, no matter what your mark says or does
  • Multiple Out + Pace/Lead Combo. How to stack the Pace/Lead technique with the Multiple Out for a powerful effect
  • Two situational examples illustrating the Multiple Out in action. How to be covertly persuasive at the workplace–with your boss and co-workers
  • A situational example of the use of the Multiple Out in a sales situation


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Consciousness Control. Persuasion is about flipping your mark’s consciousness from the outer world to his inner thoughts
  • Inner vs Outer Worlds. How to control your mark’s attention by directing his sensorial focus
  • Singular Focus.Why we can only be in the Inner or the Outer World at any one time, never both simultaneously
  • Sequentiality. Why the brain works in sequence, and why this is important (Hint: see the IRAE Model)
  • The Mental Toolbox Analogy. Why the subconscious, with 90% of the brain capacity, will overpower the conscious mind
  • How to tap into your mark’s subconscious mind and overhaul his habits and behavior


In this Module, you’ll discover…

  • Why you should indoctrinate, not persuade. Indoctrination of the masses is equivalent to the emotional enslavement of women
  • The Pleasure-Pain Paradox. Why, at a higher level, pain is pleasure (controversial!)
  • The difference between indoctrination and persuasion. Why, as a Shogun, you are an indoctrinator, not a persuader
  • Three Requisites for Indoctrination. Similar to Shogun Method’s Three Preconditions, these are the requisites for successful indoctrination
  • The ARCI Sequence. The four stages of increasing your mark’s submission to your authority. Indoctrination is the endgame
  • Indoctrination vs Mainstream Persuasion. Know this and you’ll never persuade anyone again… because you’ll indoctrinate them once and you’ll get their compliance forever


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