Dennis Demori – 6-Figure Emails (2022)

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INTRODUCING: 6-Figure Emails

6-Figure Emails is a straightforward, 10-part email course.

It’ll show you how to write engaging, effective, and higher-converting emails with each lesson.

*** The original, free version of this product called “Simple Email Copy” had over 500 students and a 98% completion rate.

The 6-Figure Emails system will show you how to write email email, land clients and deliver results.

All you need to get started is internet access, a free word processor like Google Docs and a way to collect payments (I use Paypal).

If you follow the steps, you’ll be armed with everything you need to start making thousands per client.


When you invest in 6-Figure Emails, you’ll discover:

  • How to come up with subject lines that increase open rates
  • The “second subject line” I use to get consistent 20%-30% opens
  • How to start your emails so you don’t lose your readers
  • Common beginner mistakes that cost you time and money
  • How to format your emails to make them POP on the screen
  • Half a dozen ways to edit your emails to turn them into razor-sharp copy

Plus… lots lots more, including over a dozen angles you can use so you NEVER run out of email ideas.

Now let me be 100% transparent

The BEST part about courses is getting excited about the results.

Meanwhile, the WORST part is seeing all the content you’ll have to dig through.

That’s why I’ve made this course easy for anyone to follow and implement.

That’s also why 6 Figure Emails is delivered as an EMAIL course.

To increase the likelihood that you’ll consume the content and get results.

“I feel way more confident…”

I was scatter brained but this course helped me systemize my approach without second guessing or skipping steps.

I really liked the straight to point, all meat, no fat approach.

Now I feel way more confident and certain in closing and getting on the phone with purposeful action with a guide to help me. The structure of email helped me a ton.

Do I recommend it? Hell yeah. You’ll have a clear direction and step by step guide on doing the whole process from someone who already has success from this approach.”

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