[Business] Jason Henderson – Breakthrough Email Swipe Files (2021)

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Breakthrough Email Swipe Files – Steal My Most Profitable Email Campaigns Written Over The Last 24 Years In Over 11 Niches With Some Emails Generating Over $100,000 Even On A Saturday With Zero Urgency…

From: Big Jason Henderson

Las Vegas, NV

Dear Email Marketer,

If you’re interested in getting instant access to some of the most profitable and proven email campaigns ever written, then this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!

Here is a small taste of the email campaigns waiting for you:

  • 7 Emails for my first trial project with a client. Did over $103,491 on 3,833 frontend email sales ($27) with 79,273 Clicks, and over $200,000 including the backend. (Note – I knew nothing about this niche)
  • 17 Black Friday emails that helped generate 32,781 registered prospects, 11,480 live attendees, 10,584 replay attendees… and $465,000 in revenue with a $27 FE product when the same promotion for the last 3 years only averaged about $200,000. (Note – I knew nothing about this niche)
  • Months of daily emails and promotions (75+ Emails) doing anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to $100,000+ more than previous promotions. (Note – I knew nothing about this niche)
  • 50+ emails that helped generate over $5,000 in monthly recurring revenue and over $15,000 in additional sales…
  • 10 affiliate emails that helped generate over $73,000 in sales for my client. (The product owner was so impressed with the emails and strategy, they asked to hire me and use my strategy).
  • 20+ live, in-person event emails that helped generate over $100,000 in sales for my client.
  • 10 emails selling an updated version of an old product. Generated over $75,000 (without buring the list to the ground).
  • 45 customer stick sequence emails, cross sells, and affiliate promo emails..
  • 46 prospect optin emails selling the main product offering and affiliate offers.
  • 10 emails that generated $328,071 total for an ecommerce store.
  • 27 ecommerce Black Friday emails for a campaign that included a record-breaking number of sales in a single day for a long-time online business. (Includes a re-engagement campaign)..
  • And many more!

When you invest in your Breakthrough Email Swipe File today I’m going to give you my brand new $1,997 course…

Shortcut Email Copywriting Secrets

This course starting October 15th is based on my 24 years of proven email marketing, over 500,000,000 emails split tested and nearly $700,000,000 generated from email revenue….

Here’s just a sample of what you’re going to discover in Shortcut Email Copywriting Secrets:

  • Detailed breakdowns of 10+ proven email campaigns. I’m talking about the research, strategy, copy, exactly why I did what, how you can do it too, and more. Plus, you can ask me questions. That’s right. Every breakdown is interactive. You don’t just have to try and copy me and hope for the best.
  • How to get open rates (71.86%) like this welcome email sent to over 27,481 contacts with 19,749 unique opens…
  • How to know what your prospects secretly want and ethically sell it to them in emails even if they’re thinking, “I don’t need this!”…
  • How to write an optin email sequence to get prospects to know, like, trust, and buy from you… (Included is a challenge to write your new sequence or improve the response to your existing sequence).
  • How to write a purchase email series to to get customers to consume their purchase, not refund, and buy more products… (Included is a challenge to write your new sequence or improve the response to your existing sequence).
  • Get more emails delivered to the inbox instead of the spam filter or Gmail promotions tab… Bonus: I’m also including a free tool to make this easier than ever before. (You’ll also have access to a challenge where we work on improving your deliverability).
  • Use the email templates and formulas I’ve created for you from my most profitable emails. Take these money-sucking email templates and write profitable emails easier than ever before. (I’m also giving you my most profitable subject line and call to action formulas to use in your emails).
  • And much more!


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